Thursday, May 2, 2013

Thermofax Silk Screening and Gelli Plate Monoprints with my Students!

Look at all the cool prints we are making with Miss Diane's Gelli Plates!

Austin is making a Gelli monoprint and he will silk screen an image over the print with a Thermofax silk screen.
Hailey making a Gelli monoprint with help from Gretchen. She silk screened butterflies over her print.

Michael and his peer helper are using a Thermofax Screen to print a dragon onto his Gelli print.

Abby is getting a little help printing her Thermofax silk screen over her background Gelli print.

I am having fun this week teaching my students monoprinting with Gelli Plates and silk screening with Thermofax silk screens. They had fun pressing different textures and large foam stamps into the acrylic paint on the Gelli plates. Then they chose a Thermofax screen image I made and they used Simply Screen paint to print the image over their Gelli plate background.

We were all amazed with the beautiful results! Thanks to all the teachers, aides and peer helpers for their help! 

Thermofax screens are available on my Etsy Store -
Gelli plates are available from Gelli Arts.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Artwork from my students from the International Quilt Show Classes in Cincinnati!

The background is done with a Gelli plate with a Thermofax silk screen I made over it.
This bunny silkscreen and flower scallop are a couple of my favorite Thermofax silk screens. I will have the screens in my etsy shop next week! The purple area on the right is the inked screen, ready to pull up. on the lower right, you can see the bunny printed over a Gelli plate.

I love how this student used the green and blue metallic ink with the birds on the wire screen Thermofax silk screen.

This is a silkscreen done with a Thermofax silk screen. I scanned Ginkgo leaves off my tree, scanned them and burned the screens into screens.

This one has a gold Gelli plate background with a tapestry Thermofax silk screen over that, with Ginkgo leaves printed over and finally leaves stamped on the top.
Here is the process. Silk screen ink is squirted over the Thermofax silk screen which is placed over the cloth. A simple foam brush is used to push the ink through the screen.
Screening can also be done on paper.
This fern was taken from a vintage cyanotype which I adjusted in Photoshop for a Thermofax silk screen. The little bird screen adds a nice touch.

Sometimes 4 hands are better than one! This is a beautiful flower dot pattern taken off of a vintage textile. Thermofax silk screens available soon on I can even make a screen from your own drawing or image that is black and white.

These are some of the artwork my students did with Thermofax silkscreen and Monoprinting with Gelli plates. I had 4 classes with a total of over 80 quilters! Everyone had such a good time. Thanks to my husband George for helping and washing all the silkscreens and Gelli plates 4 times! Also thanks to Nancy of Gelli Arts for loaning some Gelli plates for the classes!

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Teaching at International Quilt Festival this weekend in Cincinnati!




Art lab

I will be teaching at the International Art Festival in 
Cincinnati this weekend!
I will be located at the "Create On the Spot!" area. 
The Andinkra and Ginkgo art cloth classes: the participants 
will make the 
background with a Gelli plate on fabric with 
acrylic and print the leaves or 
African Andinkra symbols over the monoprint using 
thermofax silkscreens and 
silkscreen fabric ink. 
The printing lab will be a class printing
 art cloth with various 
techniques...Gelli plate, Silkscreen, stamps, stencils,
lino cuts, and also with 
a student-made printing plate with foam shapes. 
The Sharpie class will use Sharpies and 
alcohol to make a background, and print 
silkscreen over that.  The Gelli plates 
will be used to enhance the background.
Here are the times:

Friday, April 12

11:15 a.m.-12:15 p.m.             Diane Zubrick           
  Silk Screening—Gingko Leaves Art Cloth

1:45-2:45 p.m.                         Diane Zubrick            
 Silk Screening—Creating Art Cloth  with    Sharpies &
Silk Screening

Saturday, April 13
11:15 a.m.-12:15 p.m.             Diane Zubrick             
 Silk Screening—African Adinkra Symbols Art Cloth

1:45-2:45 p.m.                         Diane Zubrick              
Silk Screening—Art Cloth Printing Lab


Monday, February 4, 2013

We Care Arts Auction

The We Care Arts Auction is March 15, 2013.  We need items to auction as well as to sell tickets for peole to attend.  It is a fun time and proceeds go for a great cause!

Friday, May 28, 2010

Etsy - How I List my Jewelry

I posted almost 40 fused glass pendants with images inside on my ETSY store - this week. Many new designs with a great price point.

I am so used to going to art shows and laying out my 400-500 pendants. To me that is so much easier than listing each one online. So this time, I decided to be more organized about it. I created a simple background of uncooked rice in a dish, decided on the four views to photograph. I photograph around 10-15 pendants at a time, on the patio table around 2-3 pm in the sun. For me, that is a good time when the shadows are not bad.

I learned quickly to clean off the pendants with glass cleaner when I start and handle by the edges only. A few of the earlier pictures look like they have a scum or fingerprints.

I downloaded a trial version of Elements 8 Photoshop. I load the images from the SD card to the organizer in Photoshop Elements. Then I put each picture in the edit, crop to the frame it is in to a square. I enhance it if needed. Then I click on save it for web, (click yes that you want to do it) make it a jpeg, around 1000 pixels wide and high quality. I save the picture in the Etsy folder I created on the desktop and title it with a 1,2,3 or 4. That way, when I go to the folder for images, all the pendant pictures are together and easy to find. Such as swirl1,swirl2,swirl3,swirl4. That is one step.

The next one is to go to my Etsy store, click add new item. I have a description of my pendants on a Word document I paste in each time and change the name of the pendant. With Windows 7, you can put two windows side by side on the screen - which I do with the Etsy window and my Word document. I also have my Etsy folder underneath open with all my pictures so I can look and see which pendant is next to list.

Etsy makes it easy with preloaded postage and categories for your store. I already have those done, so when I get to that page - I just need to click. When I get to the images pages, they are easy to load from the desktop Etsy folder. I just go down the list and quickly load all 4 pictures, then double check the listing and list the pendant.

There are all kinds of articles on Etsy how to optimize your listing and keywords for Google which I need to read and apply. Then I need to promote my shop and hope for the best! Check out my store at

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Springtime in Ohio Show in Findlay, Ohio

Join me this weekend at the Springtime in Ohio Show in Findlay, OH on May 1st! It is a huge show at Hancock Fairgrounds! It is my first show of the season and I am looking forward to it!

Monday, April 19, 2010

We Care Arts

Last Friday, I had the privilege of being the visiting artist at We Care Arts in Kettering, Ohio. I presented a lesson on metal embossing which included information on the Haitian metal art made from steel drums. Each participant made a 6x6" metal embossing colored with Sharpie markers. The artists and their art work were awesome! I will also be teaching a summer art camp for Autistic teens starting in June.

From their website:
: "We Care Arts is a non-profit organization that helps emotionally, mentally and physically disabled adults and youth achieve greater personal independence. Through a variety of art classes and experiences, we promote the artist's individuality, self esteem, community skills, ability to focus, life skills, responsibility, confidence and job skills."

Check out the great video on their site of their clients creating art! If you are local to Dayton, stop by We Care Arts gift shop on 3035 Wilmington Pike near Dorothy Lane. They have many handmade gifts for you or a friend! You can follow this great organization through their website, Facebook and Twitter!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Artists Sheds and Studios Update

A popular post in my blog is about the artist studio I want to build in the backyard. (See older posts) We still have not built it, but are planning to this summer. I wanted to share with you some magazines that have come out about artist's studios, if you have not discovered them already!
The first is "Where Woman Create" by Stampington Studios. It is full of inspiring pictures and stories of artists, their work and their studio. You can see some issues here:

Another useful and inspiring magazine is "Studios" by Cloth.Scissors.Paper. It can be seen here: Both magazines can be ordered online or bought at JoAnns or other craft stores.

Nineteen inspiring sheds like the one pictured above can be found on the "Sunset" page: Be sure to click on the artist shed in the group!

Here is a very interesting group of pictures of an artist shed being built - be sure to go to page 2!

Finally, I found a short article about considerations in building your art studio in a shed: The author has written many more articles on sheds: I stopped counting the shed articles at 50 - a wealth of information is here!

Please look at the shed books in my posts and my Amazon list on the right side! They are the best shed books I have found for inspiration! Have fun planning a studio!

If you have an artist's studio or shed, send me a picture and I will post it - (my email in profile) or send me a comment about your studio!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Teaching Art on a Cruise Ship!

I had the opportunity over the holidays to teach art on a cruise ship which is a dream of mine! My husband and I taught 7 destination art projects on a 14 day cruise on The Explorer of the Seas. The cruisers in the classes really enjoyed the art projects; several of them wanted to know where to get the art supplies so they could start creating themselves! I was lucky enough to teach adults and children from around the world. The cruise and ports were absolutely beautiful! I am looking forward to being assigned to another ship!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

New Year - Time to Grow as an Artist

At the new year, I always study another art media so I can grow as an artist. Last year I learned all about polymer clay and created a bicycle themed Mosaic. This year I have become very interested in fabric etching, especially the process of devore. Several artists purchase scarves already etched and dye them, but I will etching my own designs.
I plan to add scarves to my booth this year in cut velvet and satin devore.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Fall Shows

Thanks to all my customers from the fall shows of Oktoberfest and Ohio Mart. They were fun shows and I enjoyed meeting all of you!

I do not have art shows scheluded for October and November this year. I broke my right arm in July and it is not healing properly. I am taking some time off to try to avoid surgery.

I have plenty of pendants and will be listing them on Etsy in the coming weeks. For those of you in Dayton, there will be a selection of pendants at the Dayton Visual Arts Center at their "Art to Buy". If you are in Canton, Ohio I should have the pendants in the Canton Museum of Art gift shop soon!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Fall Art Shows

Stan Hywet Ohio Mart

I had great art shows at Shaker Village in Kentucky and Holiday at Home in Kettering. For my next show, I will be at the Dayton Art Institute Sept. 26 and 27 for Oktoberfest. The art, food and atmosphere makes for a fun weekend! Please plan to join us in celebrating fall!

Another fantastic show I will be exhibiting in is "Ohio Mart" at Stan Hywet in Akron, Ohio. Another beautiful setting with the mansion, gardens and greenhouse! It is a four day show from Thursday October 1 to Sunday October 4th. If you have never been there, it is a beautiful setting with great artwork!

Monday, July 6, 2009

St. John's Hospital Arts Festival

I will be exhibiting my fused glass pendants and redware pottery at St. John's Hospital Arts Festival July 10 - 12 in Westlake, Ohio. (West Cleveland) I will be located in the middle of the show where the two paths meet. This is a big show and well worth attending if you are in the area!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Carillon Park Heritage Day

My first art show of the year is at Carillon Park in Dayton on Sunday, May 24! The admission to the historical park is free, which is usually $8.00 (Parking is $2.00 onsite) There will be concerts, artists, concessions, historical talks and more. A great value and fun for the family.

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Just Twittering Away Time!

I guess I am like many new Twitterers - I am spending way too much time looking at Twitter posts,searching subjects and people,and being amazed at the immediateness of it all! I also enjoy connecting to all the artists, art news and the Etsy merchants.

It is also fun to be in the middle of Pop Culture. Today, Paris was trying on hats to wear to the Kentucky Derby - she sent pictures of her with the hats on Twitter. She wanted to know which ones we liked. It is fun to read Paula Abdul's and Ryan Seacrest's posts after an American Idol Show or Paula Poundstone and Jay Leno's jokes.

Why should we care? Just the curiosity of what people are doing - especially people like me. I enjoy hearing what other Artists created today, what they are selling and the hardships of creating and being a mother at the same time.

I find that I do not have much to say on Twitter yet...I need to get my artwork on Etsy and some art shows going. I will never get the art done if I keep reading Twitter! Join me on Twitter on the right - I am "applecreek".

Monday, April 20, 2009

A Spring Twitter

Wow! I just signed up for Twitter! I enjoy reading the up to the minute posts by the celebs and news organizations. This will be another way to communicate about my artwork. I am following other artists and designers to discover what is new and current. The great thing is I can do it all from my Ipod Itouch, which I dearly love! "Tweetie" for $2.99 is a great app to use for the Itouch or Iphone! Follow me as "applecreek" or see the right side of the blog to link up.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Thanksgiving...Mom's Cooking

My best memories of Thanksgiving, as many of us, was when I was a child. The house would be full of visitors, food and love. My Grandparents often came from Kentucky for the holiday and my Mom would make all her Thanksgiving food specialties.

My Mom loved it when I was grown with my own children and we had her and dad at our house to celebrate.I did most of the cooking so she could relax.

Now that my kids are in their 20's and my husband's parents and my parents have past on, we have been invited to an Aunt Ruth's house for Thanksgiving dinner. I am just making rolls. Time to relax and enjoy....

But wouldn't you know it, my younger son called the other day very excited from work! His boss gave the employees a free turkey! So now I have a 20 pound frozen turkey and a promise to our children that we will have our own second Thanksgiving later this week at home, just the four of us.

There is nothing like Mom's cooking....

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Autumn Days

Autumn is here! Enjoy the season! Here in Ohio, the trees are still colorful, due to a warm and dry fall. I am embracing warm spiced apple cider, pumpkin cookies, and fires in the fireplace.

"Winter is an etching, spring a watercolor, summer an oil painting
and autumn a mosaic of them all."
- Stanley Horowitz

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Yellow Springs Art Fair

I am excited to be an exhibitor at the Yellow Springs Art Fair, October 11. My booth will be located near the BP Station. I will have plenty of peace sign pendants and a new small oblong pendant charm size for $10.00. I will have several hundred regular size pendants with images inside. Come join the fun of the street fair and stop by at my booth!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Art Shows

Wow! You never know about an art show! The Cleveland Westlake St. John's Hospital Festival of the Arts was fantastic! Great crowds and sales! Although there were two large downpours on Saturday, it was a record show for me. This show is crowded the whole time. I remember looking at the crowd 15 minutes before the show closing on Sunday and there were still more people walking around than the average art show on a good day! Cleveland residents sure love their arts!

A perk of a Cleveland show is to make a short trip and a walk on the beach at Lake Erie. We visit the lake once a year and can tell the improvement of the cleanliness of the water each year.

Another adventure was unfortunately getting the van stuck in the mud on Friday. From being out of town, we had no idea of how much rain they have had. My sons and husband got it unstuck with lots of muscle power, plywood and a jack. Much thanks went to the other men who helped to push. By Saturday night, there was a tow truck pulling other large vehicles from the field, since it had rained even more!

The next show is this Saturday, another Art in the Heart of Centerville from 3 - 8 pm. This time most of the show will be in Jolie's parking lot - so everyone will be closer to the music and children's activities. The only problem is that we will not be as visible from the street. If you are in town, please stop by!

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Art Festival at St. John's Hospital, Westlake Ohio

Next Friday starts the Arts Festival at St. John's Hospital in Westlake, Ohio - a suburb west of Cleveland! I will be attending and selling my Fused glass pendants, earrings, and redware pottery. My booth is pretty much in the center of the show, where the wandering walking path meets itself in the middle. The show has an attendance of 25,000 and it has a variey of artists and craftspeople. I hope to see you there! More information can be found on their website:

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Art with an Attitude

It is the art show season for me and the next is coming up on Friday. It is part of the Americana Festival in Centerville on the fourth. They have a juried fine art and fine crafts festival called Art with an Attitude at Benhams Grove. Stop by my booth in Benhams, I will have fused glass pendants and soldered charms that are new for me.

The Art in the Heart of Centerville show continues in July, August, and September on the last Saturday of the month in the center of Centerville and in the surrounding shops. It runs from 3 - 8 pm. Last Saturday, we were dodging bad weather, but as the sun came out, so did the people. There was great music, art, children's activities and free food samples from nearby businesses!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Art in the Heart of Centerville

I will be exhibiting in the Art in the Heart of Centerville this Saturday from 3 - 8 pm. I will in the parking lot behind Salon One in the center of town. There will also be music and kid's activities. In my booth, I will have my fused glass pendants with the designs inside. I am also making fun collages in soldered glass pendants that I hope will be done by Saturday. I do hope the weather cooperates!

The Art in the Heart runs the last Saturday of the month in June through September. Sounds like fun! Grab an ice cream cone from Graeters, look at the art and listen to the music!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Our Pond

I want to share some pictures of our front yard pond. It consists of four ponds around an evergreen tree. The sound of the fountain and falling water invites me to sit on the benches or rocking chair and relax. I have a few small fish in it and need some frogs. I only have frog statues for now.