Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Art Shows

Wow! You never know about an art show! The Cleveland Westlake St. John's Hospital Festival of the Arts was fantastic! Great crowds and sales! Although there were two large downpours on Saturday, it was a record show for me. This show is crowded the whole time. I remember looking at the crowd 15 minutes before the show closing on Sunday and there were still more people walking around than the average art show on a good day! Cleveland residents sure love their arts!

A perk of a Cleveland show is to make a short trip and a walk on the beach at Lake Erie. We visit the lake once a year and can tell the improvement of the cleanliness of the water each year.

Another adventure was unfortunately getting the van stuck in the mud on Friday. From being out of town, we had no idea of how much rain they have had. My sons and husband got it unstuck with lots of muscle power, plywood and a jack. Much thanks went to the other men who helped to push. By Saturday night, there was a tow truck pulling other large vehicles from the field, since it had rained even more!

The next show is this Saturday, another Art in the Heart of Centerville from 3 - 8 pm. This time most of the show will be in Jolie's parking lot - so everyone will be closer to the music and children's activities. The only problem is that we will not be as visible from the street. If you are in town, please stop by!


melissa said...

I wont be in town, but I wish you a ton of sales. Glad your last show, was successful. Good luck

JafaBrit's Art said...

I bought two of your pieces at art on the lawn in yellow springs. I really enjoyed your work and love the two pieces I got.

all the best
corrine aka jafabrit

Judy said...

Would love to get up into your area again. Brother lived in Orville and we were up there alot, but haven't been there in a long time. Maybe in a couple of weeks when the tree's fall colors are displayed!