Monday, June 9, 2008

June Gardening - Lavender, Sunflowers, & Italian Heather

I spent the afternoon today planting the garden, annuals and herbs. I found some lavender at Home Depot - when I rub the leaves it smells divine. It will bloom later this summer.
We transplanted Mammoth Sunflowers that my son had grown from seed. They are already over a foot tall and growing every day. The next gardening job is the pond cleanup and planting more annuals in the beds. It is so hot, so early here in Ohio...but it was nice to just be outside!
My Italian Heather which was doing so very well a few weeks ago is starting to yellow and die. I don't know if it got too much heat or sun - perhaps it got too dry. I noticed many readers are reading my post about the heather - let me know if you have found an answer. How is your heather doing?

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Mrs.Kwitty said...

It's so exciting watching your plants come to life!! Your photos are beautiful!
Smiles, Karen