Friday, May 28, 2010

Etsy - How I List my Jewelry

I posted almost 40 fused glass pendants with images inside on my ETSY store - this week. Many new designs with a great price point.

I am so used to going to art shows and laying out my 400-500 pendants. To me that is so much easier than listing each one online. So this time, I decided to be more organized about it. I created a simple background of uncooked rice in a dish, decided on the four views to photograph. I photograph around 10-15 pendants at a time, on the patio table around 2-3 pm in the sun. For me, that is a good time when the shadows are not bad.

I learned quickly to clean off the pendants with glass cleaner when I start and handle by the edges only. A few of the earlier pictures look like they have a scum or fingerprints.

I downloaded a trial version of Elements 8 Photoshop. I load the images from the SD card to the organizer in Photoshop Elements. Then I put each picture in the edit, crop to the frame it is in to a square. I enhance it if needed. Then I click on save it for web, (click yes that you want to do it) make it a jpeg, around 1000 pixels wide and high quality. I save the picture in the Etsy folder I created on the desktop and title it with a 1,2,3 or 4. That way, when I go to the folder for images, all the pendant pictures are together and easy to find. Such as swirl1,swirl2,swirl3,swirl4. That is one step.

The next one is to go to my Etsy store, click add new item. I have a description of my pendants on a Word document I paste in each time and change the name of the pendant. With Windows 7, you can put two windows side by side on the screen - which I do with the Etsy window and my Word document. I also have my Etsy folder underneath open with all my pictures so I can look and see which pendant is next to list.

Etsy makes it easy with preloaded postage and categories for your store. I already have those done, so when I get to that page - I just need to click. When I get to the images pages, they are easy to load from the desktop Etsy folder. I just go down the list and quickly load all 4 pictures, then double check the listing and list the pendant.

There are all kinds of articles on Etsy how to optimize your listing and keywords for Google which I need to read and apply. Then I need to promote my shop and hope for the best! Check out my store at


ShabbyNChic said...

Great tips, especially when someone has a lot to list at one time.

haitian drum art said...

Great tips, especially when someone has a lot to list at one time.