Wednesday, March 5, 2008

How To Break the “Rules” in Art and Get Away with It!!

Many of us have taken art classes in schools, colleges, and at art centers with instructors who are set in their ways. We have followed their “rules” of art and are scared to deviate from them. I am saying it is time to step out of the box and experiment with your media!

There are always certain rules that must be followed in each medium so the artwork is sound and will not break or deteriorate. I have been making fused glass and I need to stay with the known firing schedule for the glass so it does not crack. But I have been able to experiment with the inclusions between the glasses and have created great results.

As an art teacher, I am a great believer in learning the basics of design, color and the fundamental aspects of your media. After you have had success with the nuts and bolts of your chosen media, it is time to step out of the box and make it your own!

For example, the scrapbooking and collage movements have really pushed the combination of mediums in ways that we never thought before. There are many collage artists that have experimented and have developed a look that is all their own. Art is an ever-changing process throughout the centuries. We look back to what has been done and build upon it.

For example, I started creating Redware Pottery 20 years ago. One of my majors in college was clay, so I knew the basics of the medium. I studied the 18th century techniques of sliptrailing and sgraffito for knowledge of how it was created in that time period. Then I made up my own recipes for slips to create the look I wanted.

I forged ahead and broke the “Rules” in two areas. Redware has the traditional colors of clay and beige slips. My customers started asking for more colors and I then went my own way using the techniques of traditional Redware, but in more modern colors and designs.

The other rule breaker was the firing. I wanted to see if my Redware plates and ornaments could be fired once in the kiln instead of traditional bisque and a glaze firing. The once fired pottery turned out just fine – saving me hundreds of hours involved in two firings.

I am just getting started with Gocco printing. I talked to one artist on Etsy about her printing and found out that she includes three types of printing in her art, not just the Gocco. I would have thought of that concept eventually, but I was so set in my ways learning the basics of Gocco, I had not gotten to that point yet. Mixing the printing techniques opens up the door to so many different looks!

So, it is time to step out of your comfort zone and the box! Break the rules! Experiment! Mix medias and techniques and see where it takes you! Have fun with your art and enjoy the process!


ingermaaike said...

I love rule breakers. I don't read the rules and am unteachable so I probably break all the rules all the time without even knowing the rules in the first place.

Little Lovables said...

I completely agree!


I agree too! I rarely follow "rules"

Mary Rogers said...

The more you learn the easier it is to break the rules. It feels great to color outside the lines if the mood hits you. Also, I love the ART charm...and I don't think the word RULE was on there.