Monday, February 1, 2010

Teaching Art on a Cruise Ship!

I had the opportunity over the holidays to teach art on a cruise ship which is a dream of mine! My husband and I taught 7 destination art projects on a 14 day cruise on The Explorer of the Seas. The cruisers in the classes really enjoyed the art projects; several of them wanted to know where to get the art supplies so they could start creating themselves! I was lucky enough to teach adults and children from around the world. The cruise and ports were absolutely beautiful! I am looking forward to being assigned to another ship!


Lucy Buckley said...

Hi there,
My name is Lucy and I have just finished art college receiving a BA (Hons)in Fine Art. I would love to teach art on a cruise ship and would be most grateful if you could give me some information about going about applying. Do you need teaching experience. What is the pay like. What cruise ships employ art teachers. Hope to hear from you soon.


Diane Schwob Zubrick said...

You do need some teaching experience first. Art projects are destination subject matter. Most cruisers are not artists, so you need the experience to create projects that everyone can do. In my case, I provide the supplies. There are some programs where you teach some one elses art projects or pay an agent to book you. You can research online. I do not know of any ships that have you on constantly to teach art. We book a few weeks a year through the ship line and crusie free.

There are agencies that will book you for a price. Once you book through an agency, I was told, you cannot directly book through the cruiseline. Also you can look into teaching through Daniel Hall's speakers cruise free program, but it will cost you some money up front plus a booking fee to get started. He will tell you the same thing...get some teaching experience of both adult and children through art centers, summer programs, etc. The cruiselines are looking for experienced speakers and teachers. Some lines want you to be professional and well known.

Another way to get onboard ...... There are young people that work with the children of the passengers and are part of the crew that teach through the children's and teen programs. You could look into applying there also.