Saturday, April 13, 2013

Artwork from my students from the International Quilt Show Classes in Cincinnati!

The background is done with a Gelli plate with a Thermofax silk screen I made over it.
This bunny silkscreen and flower scallop are a couple of my favorite Thermofax silk screens. I will have the screens in my etsy shop next week! The purple area on the right is the inked screen, ready to pull up. on the lower right, you can see the bunny printed over a Gelli plate.

I love how this student used the green and blue metallic ink with the birds on the wire screen Thermofax silk screen.

This is a silkscreen done with a Thermofax silk screen. I scanned Ginkgo leaves off my tree, scanned them and burned the screens into screens.

This one has a gold Gelli plate background with a tapestry Thermofax silk screen over that, with Ginkgo leaves printed over and finally leaves stamped on the top.
Here is the process. Silk screen ink is squirted over the Thermofax silk screen which is placed over the cloth. A simple foam brush is used to push the ink through the screen.
Screening can also be done on paper.
This fern was taken from a vintage cyanotype which I adjusted in Photoshop for a Thermofax silk screen. The little bird screen adds a nice touch.

Sometimes 4 hands are better than one! This is a beautiful flower dot pattern taken off of a vintage textile. Thermofax silk screens available soon on I can even make a screen from your own drawing or image that is black and white.

These are some of the artwork my students did with Thermofax silkscreen and Monoprinting with Gelli plates. I had 4 classes with a total of over 80 quilters! Everyone had such a good time. Thanks to my husband George for helping and washing all the silkscreens and Gelli plates 4 times! Also thanks to Nancy of Gelli Arts for loaning some Gelli plates for the classes!

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