Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Sidewalk Painting - Fun for Everyone!

With summer here, I was thinking about a fun, free art project that I did as a child - sidewalk painting! Our neighbor gave us a wide house painting brush and a can of water. Her grandson and I painted the sidewalk with fun designs and watched them disappear in the sunshine. A spray bottle filled with water was fun too!

For a few dollars, you can use sidewalk chalk for a longer lasting design. Crayola now has several sidewalk paints and sprayers that can be purchased, but to me, the water designs were the best!

Above is one of the remarkable 3-D sidewalk pictures of Julian Beever. Below are Chinese men painting stories and characters on the sidewalk with water.


Toni said...

I love to look at those 3-D sidewalk images. I have never seen one in person. Maybe someday!

Michelle said...

Came through Entrecard. My kids LOVE doing sidewalk painting and coloring. Thanks for the reminder.

I am checking out your store as well. You're stuff looks beautiful!