Thursday, May 29, 2008

Italian Heather - Ventricosa

I just love this plant. I received it as a mother's day present - it was bought at Lowe's in the greenhouse section. I don't know much about it except that it does not like the frost. I have mine in the shade/sun and it has not dropped a single bloom!

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Anonymous said...

I just bought one for myself. Exactly like the first picture on display. Aren't they great ! ? I bought it at Home Depot and the girl in the greenhouse section told me it can resist our cold winters (I live in zone 5 in Quebec). I had doubt and so did the women asking the same question. She said : You protect it from the wind by covering it with burlap.
I made her repeat and she was insulted to explain once again that it was ok to put the plant directly in the ground and let it pass the winter.
I came home and checked it on the internet. Of course, it is not true! It won't survive the frost on its roots. God ! There are so many incompetent people these days. They can tell you anything to make you buy stuff. Anyway. I will plant it in a pot and bring it indoor for the winter. At least this is what the info I found on the internet. They say it is a difficult plant to grow and keep. I see that your message is dated from last year, did your italian heather ventricosa survived ? And which part of the world are you living in ? Thanks for answering. I will certainly take your advice if you have any.
coline la cicada